What is a Bitcoin Faucet?


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What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

A faucet or tap is a web page that gives away small fractions or satoshis of Bitcoin. Bitcoin comes to the world to promote the currency, make it accessible and put it into circulation. A resource for those who start and after creating their wallet can start to handle Bitcoin.

They are financed through advertising and through donations, we should not forget that both solidarity and altruism are quite common among the Bitcoin community.

How is it used?

Each faucet is different, it depends on the creator of it. You can find different types of antiboot that are just patterns to follow in order to unlock the button that allows you to claim your reward. These patterns are used to make sure that you are not a robot, but a person.

What steps must be followed?

– Have a wallet – I recommend this wallet

– Enter any of the faucet – Some recommended

– Enter your Bitcoin address

– Prove that you are a robot

– Give the button

– To win

With what periodicity can they be used?

After using a faucet you have to wait a while before you can use it again, which varies according to each one. Some in just minutes and others have to wait up to 24 hours.

How much can be earned?

The earnings depend on each faucet. Some come to pay from 15 satoshis to 100 satoshis. In some faucet there is an option to multiply the winnings by participating in a lottery-type game.

When will I collect my earnings?

It depends on each faucet, we must bear in mind that what we gain every time we use a faucet are minimum quantities. It is normal to receive payments from a minimum amount or a specific day in order to minimize expenses in transactions.

Bitcoin faucets The new work of the century

Interview Jesús Estalin:

I believe that the faucets are profitable, little by little you are generating profits depending on the hours you dedicate. It’s a new internet job. Dedicating about four hours a day and with a good selection of these pages you can earn between 140 thousand and 180 thousand satoshis * / day. You can also use other alternatives such as PTC pages that generate earnings by clicking on ads daily.
Taking time, this is the new job of the century at least to generate extra money that can help you pay internet, the balance of the mobile and why not buy items online. In a way, it has saved my life.

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